27 October 2021

A Poem By Aaron

Aaron Bowes

Aaron, and his doubles partner Tristan, enjoyed being a part of the first Doubles Round in Nottingham Parks! He shares his experience with us in the form of a poem...

My partner Tristan, and I, really enjoyed playing in the first ever Doubles Round of the Nottingham Parks League. We have wanted to compete in a LTL Doubles League for a while now so it was great to get the opportunity to play. We had some fantastic matches and look forward to the next round!

Here's a poem that I have written summarising our experience:

I went on the website and was very pleased,
To see a new Nottingham parks doubles league,
So I picked up my phone and gave Tristan a call,
He wanted to play so we ordered some balls.
The round soon started, we had matches to play,
Some matches at home and some were away,
Thankfully the weather was mostly okay,
Though it got quite dark at the end of each day.
7 fixtures arranged which was not so bad,
We won 5, lost 2, so overall we were glad.
Finished first place we were happy we won,
But most of all doubles park league is so fun!


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