30 November 2018

Poster Power

All over the country, players help their local league by putting up a poster. Some do it when walking the dog, some on their way to work, and some nip out at lunchtime. Can you be one of them?

A very big thank you to all of you who already help us by putting up a poster. It makes an enormous difference to us. The humble poster, along with word of mouth and searching for tennis online, is the most effective way new players find out about their local league!

Next year, we hope to attract even more players, especially in our smaller leagues. Can you help?

As a general rule, we have a system for putting posters on the court gates. So if you have never seen one on a particular set of courts, we probably aren’t allowed to put one up (though by all means double check with us). But may be you can put one up at your tennis club (please ask the chairman or manager), on a work noticeboard or staff intranet (we can send you a pdf/jpeg) or in your local café (please ask the manager)? If so, we can probbaly post you a weather-resistent poster complete with cable ties.

Please note, we never put up posters anywhere without permission! That includes lamp posts, fences and courts!

If you can help, do let us know (though we may have to wait a while before we make it to Times Square).