2 July 2020

Post Lockdown Updates

Rain, Sun, Wind, Rain, Wind, Sun, Wind... it's constantly changing out there!
We answer your questions of what to do if the situation changes before, during and after being on court...


Setting up matches: Players have a joint responsibility to set up matches. To avoid confusion later, players should decide before the agreed time-frame for the match. See the section on Setting up Matches.


If it rains before the match starts, the whole match must be re-scheduled. (Please be careful about making assumptions about the weather, and to avoid the possibility of a no-show walkover, if cancelling because of the weather, always contact your opponent and get a reply). 

If it rains during the match... or court conditions deteriorate either player may decide to call a halt to the match, but the match must still be completed. Matches should be re-started with whatever the score was when play stopped. Players must share any additional court fee. If re-scheduling becomes impossible, the score must be reported as it stands (please note the match remains a "to be completed" match and the scores stand even if one of the players is subsequently injured/withdraws from the round).

If before the match (or after a first few points have been played) one player feels the court condition too slippery, or otherwise unsafe, they have the absolute right to ask for a postponement

If a player does not turn up at the agreed time, or is more than half an hour late, the other player can claim a walkover and receive 2 points or the match can be re-scheduled. Either way, the cost of the court should be shared in the normal way.  If the match is unfinished, even if it is because court time ran out, points will be awarded on the score reached. (Ideally the match would be completed at a later date.)
If a match is to be completed and then a walkover is awarded, the other player receives two points for the win. The original score remains unchanged. If the person who caused the walkover had originally won a point for a set won, that also remains unchanged.
NB If you are cancelling a scheduled match make sure you get an acknowledgement from your opponent. If the message does not get through, the match may be deemed a walkover.   

If a player wants to reschedule a match he or she must give his or her opponent a minimum of 24 hours notice. If a court cost is incurred the player who postponed the match is solely responsible for the cost of the unused court (subsequent court costs are split in the normal way). If less than 24 hours notice is given, the match may be recorded as a walkover in favour of the opponent and points awarded, although it is still preferable to play the match if possible. (If you are claiming a walkover, enter the result through the website with an explanation in the private commentary field confirming that it qualifies as walkover as a  match that had been firmly set up but cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, or cancelled though a no-show. The result will then be approved and your opponent copied in,. This gives your opponent the opportunity to respond in case there has been some kind of confusion.) Please claim the walkover at the time. If the players do subsequently play the match we may swap the walkover for the match played (but see the rule below). We will not necessarily retrospectively award walkovers.

A walkover, once posted, will be assumed final. If a match recorded as a walkover is subsequently played, the organisers reserve the right to decide whether to accept the result or not. (A last minute replay may be deemed  to disadvantage other players in the group.) If in any doubt, check with us.

Don't forget!

  • You can use the Short Set Format if you don't have long on court instead of the normal format.
  • If you play a Match Tie Break instead of a 3rd set, whether it is short or long format, this does not count towards the bonus points or bonus balls.
  • The cost of courts must be shared between both players, in all circumstances.

You can read more of our Rules and Regs hereif in doubt then don't hesitate to get in touch!