21 July 2020

Pro Tips for you on court...

We found this clear, short and snappy site called Improve My Tennis Serve and it literally does what it says on the tin! Go have a look to see if there are any tips for you to take with your court. Then while you're here, you can read some pro tips from their blog which we thought would come in handy...

Short tips and advice from professional tennis players and coaches to help improve your tennis serve.

Andy Hill - Tennis coach and founder of Andys Cardio Tennis

  • Release the ball toss at eye-line.

  • Back leg knee bend and hip rotation creates the most power.

Lewis Fletcher - Tennis coach and world ranked deaf tennis player

  • 50% of power on the serve comes from the chopper grip alone. The rest is 10% legs and 40% body turn

  • Keep your front foot planted and secure during your throw up, you don’t want it to be moving around.

Martin Wright - LTA Level 4 tennis coach

  • Tip for Rhythm - Count to 3 from the moment your service action begins, to striking the ball

    • 1 is the slight movememtn of moving your racket and teh ball back toeards your body

    • 2 is the split of the arms and throwing the ball up

    • 3 is connecting with the ball

    The serve is all about rhythm, and counting to 3 can help keep it consistent.

Check out this good serve training video as well, we liked it!