5 December 2019

Put a number next to your name and get ready for Wimbledon 2020!

Ever wondered why some players have rating numbers next to their name on the group tables and others don't? Find out the answer and discover how a rating could put you on the right track for Wimbledon tickets next year!

Get rated!


British Tennis Membership Lite is a FREE benefit of playing in Local Tennis Leagues - don't miss out on becoming a member and do make sure your membership is correctly set up in your LTL account!


Make sure you have applied for and obtained British Tennis Membership through the LTA website. It's free for basic ('lite') membership and any player who joins a round of their Local Tennis League at least once in the year is eligible. 

See our guide to applying for BTM membership on our website.

Benefits of membership include access to the annual ballot for a chance to buy Wimbledon tickets, and the opportunity to have a tennis rating. For matches to be reported to the LTA, you must register your membership with us and associate your BTM account. See below...


Once you have BTM membership, make sure you have added your BTM membership account to your LTL account page.

See our guide to adding this information to your account.


Finally, don't forget to associate your BTM membership with Local tennis Leagues on your BTM account if this hasn't been done when you set up your account. You do this via the LTA website - if you don't do this, you won’t be eligible for the ballot for Wimbledon tickets that we run and your rating won't appear next to your name on results.

See our guide here on associating your BTM account with us.

There is more information on British Tennis Membership and how it works with the Leagues here and on the linked pages.

If a Local Tennis League player has British Tennis Membership they are also entitled to a rating - a rough and ready way to assess your tennis ability and track your improvement. If you have a rating, every time you play another player with a rating, your rating could improve (or in some cases, even go down!).

Ratings are a fun addition to matchplay and we want to encourage more players to take up the scheme. Basic British Tennis Membership is free if you play in the League (see box). What's more, having BTM amd playing in the Leagues entitles you to enter the Wimbledon Ballot for the chance to buy those coveted Wimbledon tickets. This year, more than 500 lucky people got the chance to see the pros in action at the All England Club with tickets won in the Local Tennis League ballot.

To give yourself a chance to be lucky next year, you need:

1) To be an active Local Tennis League player and register for British Tennis Member or BTM (if you haven't played in a round since 17th March 2019 you will need to sign up for a round. Any future round will do!)

2) To add your BTM details to your Local Tennis Leagues account and associate your BTM account with us.  


(Simply log in to your Member's Area using your BTM username and password and select OPT IN).

The deadline for opting in to the ballot is 14 February 2020 (See the LTA site for more details)

Not quite ready to enter a round but still want to make sure you are eligible for the ballot? Buy a 2020 Round Pass.

2020 Round PassIf you haven't played recently or have not joined a future round, you can make sure of your player-eligibility by purchasing a 2020 Round Pass for £18. This pass is valid for entry into any round between now and 31 December 2020. When you purchase the pass we will send you a voucher code to use on our site. (Please note, if you are not already set up as a user on the website you will need to do this. Registration is free and we will help you as necessary.)