24 October 2019

Rafa Nadal and Carlos Moyá, congratulate Andy Murray, champion again!

Andy Murray astounded the tennis world with his victory on Sunday at the European Open in Antwerp. Many thought it was impossible for a player to recover sufficiently from an operation to replace a damaged hip to compete again at the top flight of tennis. Andy Murray proved them wrong. Rafa Nadal and Carlos Moya, taking a moment to talk to Local Tennis League players, shared in the congratulations...

If you got married on Saturday, you might expect to still be on your honeymoon come Monday, but not Rafa Nadal. Local Tennis League players on the latest trip to the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar in Mallorca, were delighted to discover their favourite tennis player was back in training at the Academy. With a pre-marriage honeymoon in Barbados already completed, Rafa is getting ready for the final events of the year and the chance to secure the year-end World Number One spot.

For us, having Rafa at home, meant opportunities for selfies and even the chance to bump into our hero in the spa! It also meant we could ask Rafa for his reaction to Andy Murray's win in Antwerp. From Rafa we got a beaming smile and a generous comment, "I'm very, very happy for him." With that he was off to hit more tennis balls.

But we got a little bit longer with Rafa's coach, Carlos Moyá, a former World Number One himself (see our video below). Carlos has in the past talked about Rafa's ability to comeback from set backs and the mental strength that goes with it. Andy, Carlos agreed, has something of the same special ability. 

From both of these tennis greats we got the same feeling, an acknowledgement of the extraordinary achievements of Andy Murray's career and the exceptional individual qualities of the man himself.