26 June

A rainbow of tennis gear to mark the end of Pride!

As Pride month comes starts to come to a close, we look at some of the sporting brands that are showing their support to the community, with awesome looks!

At the beginning of the month Adidas released their Pride Pack clothing range , offering 22 different products to choose from. We always see tennis players relaxing off court in sliders but LOVED the design of their main trainer, the NMD_R1 Pride Shoes. Designed to keep your feet comfy all day, you’ll be ready for those potential long matches on court!













The range of Adidas trainers goes further too! Have a look here to see what they've got.

In similar fashion, Nike launched their BeTrue campaign to support Pride and have an amazing range of items, from these stylish sunglasses if you feel like making a statement, a subtle but handy hair tie to keep those stray hairs out the way, or another pair of trainers which add that splash of colour to your outfit on court. Called Nike Air Force 1 BETRUE, these have the additional colours with various representations. We looked into it further and found out that they mean:

    Black: POC Inclusivity
    Brown: POC Inclusivity
    Pink: Trans Inclusivity
    Red: Life
    Orange: Healing
    Yellow: Sunlight
    Green: Nature
    Baby Blue: Trans Inclusivity
    Blue: Serenity
    Violet: Spirit

Making sure to not just be a temporary slogan, Nike have pledged to give away every penny spent on the Pride collection to various charities in the community.

It’s not just Adidas and Nike that are supporting Pride. You can also find more exciting ranges with the following brands:

Converse – a classic trainer that may not so protective of your ankles on court, but you’ll look good trying!

Reebok – as well as launching a collection, Reebok have donated funds to the It Gets Better Project, the global LGBTQ outreach program aimed at empowering and connecting LGBTQ youth around the world. Nice work!

Puma – if you want your tennis gear to show up on court, then this is page for you! Fronted by Cara Delevigne, Puma are also putting their money where their mouth is and pledged to donate a portion of its proceeds to various LGBT charities.

Happy shopping!

Whether you’re wearing the rainbow colours on court or not, we’ve loved seeing how many of you have been supporting Pride this month! For anyone celebrating this weekend, whether that is on or off the local court, stay safe and enjoy the weather!