9 April 2018

The revolution hits Bath!

Julian Mitchell

With a brand new league coming to Bath, we thought we'd find out what the first round of tennis will be like for Bathonians! We caught up with Julian Mitchell, a Local leaguer who'll be playing in Bath this May having enjoyed playing in 3 previous rounds in Swindon

1. So Julian, why do you like playing in the Local Tennis Leagues?

LTL gives me the opportunity to meet new players outside of my normal club setting as well as playing people of a similar standard with different playing styles. It's a good way to try out new tactics and improve singles match-play consistency. 


2. How well do you know the facilities in Bath? Where do you recommend our new players in the city play their matches?


Public courts at Alice Park are in a nice setting in a public park with typical Tarmac surface, the Lansdown tennis club has synthetic grass and synthetic clay, a nice private club that I used to play at; it has a great setting overlooking Bath, in the summer you can see hot air balloons taking off from Victoria park (another lovely setting for a local tennis leagues match)! And the University of Bath has indoor and outdoor courts, all of which are good to play on. 

3. What can Bath players expect from Local Tennis Leagues?


I think a high standard of players of all ages keen to meet new players and improve singles play. Most clubs focus on doubles so it's great to explore your all court game.

4. What sort of style do you play with? How do you plan on taking on Bath's finest!?


Well my game is largely dependant on the last youtube video I've watched! However I've been told that once you find a shot that works for you, stick with it. I'm still looking! In the mean time it's a combination of chasing everything down and trying to knock the ball back just one more time than my opponent!

5. If any Bathonians are on the fence as to whether they should join or not, what would you say to encourage them?


Just go for it, you'll get to meet new players, make friends and hitting partners, play on different courts and above all, have fun. 

6. How much are you looking forward to the brand new league?


It will be great to play in Bath. A wonderful city with many players of all abilities. I may even bump into a few old colleagues from my old club in Bath! 


A huge thanks to Julian for taking the time to chat. With a whole host of courts throughout Bath, we really are looking forward to the league kicking off on 10 May. 

For all the information and to sign-up to the league, visit our Bath page here!