13 March 2018

The road into tennis!

Irene Ofei

Highways England Project Manager Irene Ofei, took time to explain her road into tennis. (Some pun intended!)

"Before I started playing, I had watched tennis for a long time - I just loved the way Johanna Konta had been coming up – and one day, I thought, I want to play! So I registered at the Manchester Tennis Centre for lessons, and started to play with my brother-in-law in Alexandra Park. Then I saw a poster for the league. I wanted to play more and get better. It wasn’t so much about winning or losing, it was more to have fun and play with different people and I joined.

I've really enjoyed it. When the table with your group comes out, I look forward to getting all my matches booked in, and to who I’m playing next. It’s exciting. I still play with my brother in law, and my husband. We also play as a family. I have two kids who both take lessons and the four of us play at weekends which is good fun. 

Playing gives you a better understanding when you watch the pros. I love Serena Williams. I wish I could play like she does, but I have definitely got better. I remember my first match when I couldn’t time the ball well! I’m really proud of the way I’ve improved."

And so are we! A huge thanks for taking the time to chat with us Irene. Best of luck with all your matches!

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