21 September 2018

Rules of the Game

How well do you know the tennis rules? Just for fun, take our quiz and see how well you do. (Just click on the links to see our Racket Bag answers)

1. You cannot hit the ball twice during a point. But who decides if you have? You, your opponent or, in doubles, your partner?

2 Who serves first after a tie break? The player who served first in the tiebreak? Or the player who received?

3 In non-umpired matches, each player calls the ball on his or her side of the net. If you are unsure, do you call it in? Call it out? Replay the point?

4 What happens if both you and your opponent lose track of the score? Make up something?  Re-start the set? Go back to the point in the match where you both agree the score?

5 Who serves first in a doubles tie break?