13 September 2019

See a poster - take up tennis!

Helen McMahon

Running, lobbing, returning and strategising, Helen has learned how to take on all comers since playing in the Meadows Tennis League in Edinburgh and nothing makes her happier than getting on court

As a kid, I played a little tennis and always really enjoyed watching Wimbledon, but it was actually a poster on the entrance gate at the Meadows in Edinburgh that made me take up tennis as an adult. It was a (glistening) poster for Local Tennis Leagues!

After I saw it, I researched a little further, then decided this would be a perfect way to conveniently introduce a new sport and to see where it takes me. Dreams of playing at Wimbledon were made (haha).

Being in the league has helped maintain my fitness and encouraged me to stay fit in order to play well. Winning the league group is always a fantastic motivator and feeling (hopefully a bit more that yet to come!). Playing matches has also really helped to develop my skills and progress my game, especially when playing such a variety of opponents, over the past 8/10 years. The variation in technique makes it a lot of fun and if keeps things really interesting. I love the strategy, the psychology, the socialising, the exercise, the battle of wills and abilities.  Nothing makes me happier than taking to the court for energetic, fun and competitive game of tennis! I play with a lot of energy, I run for every shot and aim to return everything. My play is often direct and powerful, but watch out for a miss-hit drop shot every now and then! Oh and I like using a lob on occasion ;)

I’ve had some epic games over the years from dramas on court, to hugs and high fives, from replaying match points to beers after the game, from falls and skids to under the leg shots, from snow, to wind, to rain, to sun all in one game, from playing in almost darkness to being blinded by low setting sun. From seeing a youngster peeing in the corner of a court, to picnicing with strawberries and cream, from having an audience, to inviting new friends to play. So many happy times! I have definitely recommened the league and will continue to invite friends to join.

The next round of the Meadows Tennis League starts on 17 October. To join, click here