13 February 2020

Self-reliance and digging deep

Charlotte Beattie

Charlotte needed her three daughters and Local Tennis Leagues to drag her back to tennis - now there is no stopping her. A stalwart of the Glasgow Tennis League she digs deep to win!

I played quite a bit of tennis when I was younger, but stopped in my 20s (I wish that I hadn't now; where could I be if I had kept going?). I started again in my 40s practising with my 3 daughters. 

I like the way tennis is very absorbing so takes you away from the stresses of work and day to day life. You have to focus hard and bring a lot of skills into play (if that's not too bad a pun). It's also a lot of fun and very sociable. I like having an activity that I can take part in along with friends.

Playing in the league is a fantastic way to get lots of good, varied, and challenging matches in a very friendly environment. My style of play is to use strong ground strokes, to try to move my opponent around the court and to run a lot myself.

Being in the league has absolutely improved my game. It’s very good match practice and it’s good psychologically as well as you have to rely on yourself for the duration of the match. I like the three set matches that I've won the best, the ones where I've had to dig deep. Also you feel that you must be at least a little bit fit afterwards! I would recommend it, 100%.

The next round of the Glasgow Tennis League starts on 27 February. Join here by Monday 24 February