10 May 2018

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Sinead O'Neill

DevOps Engineer Sinead might sit in front of a computer for a living, but her love for activity encompasses hiking, taking part in extreme assault courses, working out with Cardio Tennis and of course, ripping up the Hammersmith & Fulham #LTL!

"I played tennis as a teenager, but gave it up when I was about 16. Years later (I won't say how many!), I moved to London (June 2016) and decided to try it out again. I went for 4 lessons in Bishops Park and really enjoyed them. 

At the end of the lessons I wanted to get some practise bit I didn't really know anyone in London who played tennis. A girl in the class suggested I check out localtennisleagues.com and I've been playing ever since! 

It's been very mixed. The level of abilities in a group can be very varied. I've definitely have had some very tough matches, but I think they're the best ones as that's the way to improve your game. I won the group before Christmas, so I'm glad to be finally moving up in the groups! 

I usually play at Eel Brook Common as it's closest to me. I also play at Ravenscourt due to the number of courts there and Brook Green because of the online booking facility - much better than having to ring up and check availability - and it has floodlights which makes a massive difference as you can play all year round!  

The league really is a great way to play matches especially if your friends don't play. I've met so many lovely people and often play them again just for practice. 

It's definitely helped me to improve! I was new to London when I took tennis up again and it's not really reasonable to rely on lessons alone to get better, so having matches to practise and to play competitively are a great incentive to get out on the courts. 

Sign up! You won't regret it!" 

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