30 October 2019

A single minded approach to enjoying your tennis

Liz Somerville

Free tennis balls are an incentive to play, but nothing compared with the opportunities to meet new friends, improve your tennis and get fitter. Liz Somerville describes her tennis journey, one that has taken her from London to Norwich and from doubles play in her club to energetic singles on the city's public courts!

My mother was a keen player and encouraged all us children to play so I’ve played tennis since childhood. I didn’t play much in my late teens and twenties, though – too many distractions! 
I love tennis as it’s sociable, fun and you exercise without realising it, though it can be a bit challenging on a cold damp winter’s day.

For over 20 years I was a member of a club in London and then five years ago I moved to Norwich.  I did join a local club here but it was very small and the social playing opportunities were limited.  So I was really pleased to discover the Local Tennis League. I play in both the mixed and ladies leagues (thank you Victoria for pushing for the league for the women!) and from time to time in the doubles too.  Rarely does a week go by that I don’t have a match and I’ve made some really good friends who I now play with socially outside the league.  We even have ladies meals out!

I have no idea what my style of tennis is though I do love running in to the net (not the subsequent volleys that go over my head though) and my favourite shot is the backhand which I guess is quite unusual as most players favour the forehand.

Because I’m playing much more singles now than I’ve ever done before in the past (as club play focuses on doubles and the competitive tennis I played in London was all doubles) it’s forced me to run for the ball more than ever (no partner to do the running for me) – and I’m constantly surprised that I can actually get them back!

I would absolutely recommend the league to everyone!  It’s a perfect way to play people of different standards in a fun but also competitive forum. I also like the incentive of the midway bonus points and free balls.  And maybe one day I’ll win my group again – it’s been far too long since I was the recipient of a winner’s certificate!  

The next round of the Norwich Parks Tennis Leagues starts on 9 January, 2020 and you can join here. The next round of the Norwich Parks Womens Tennis League starts on 30 January 2020. Click here to join