11 April 2018

Tackling tennis elbow!

According to the Healthcare Journal, tennis elbow has now become one of the most valuable injuries in sport!

With thousands of Local Tennis Leagues matches played each month, you might imagine we hear quite a lot about tennis elbow. The injury seems to crop up in a vast number of your matches, and is often noted as reason for early retirement in match reports.

The new report explains that the market is expected to reach the value of more than $10.5 Million by 2022, showing just how common your aches and pains are across the globe!

So how does the report best tackle getting over the injury?

Incredibly, despite the large sums of money paid out by tennis elbow sufferers, the report reveals that 95% of tennis elbow injuries can be overcome with the help of ice packs, splint elbow braces and other non-surgical remedies.

Keep an eye out on the blog over the next few weeks as we give you the professional opinions from the world of tennis injuries!