16 August 2019

Take our tennis officiating rules quiz!

If the US Open is anything like last year we can expect the tennis officials will have their work cut out. But how much do you know about the rules and regulations of tournament tennis? Take our chair test and find out!

When Serena Williams appeared to receive coaching from her box at last year's US Open, the chair umpire got drawn into a huge officiating row which had ramifications that rumbled on for weeks! Even in a Local Tennis League match, where you and your opponent are the officials, you need a firm grasp of the rules. As we get ready for the US Open we thought it time to put your knowledge to the test! (There are no prizes, just the chance to see if you have what it takes to keep a game of tennis on track.)
With thanks to USTA Officiating 
Image based on original photo by Steven Pisano. Reproduced through Creative Commons