27 September 2019

Taking on all comers

Nikesh Patel

Nikesh has been playing tennis for only 5 years but in the seven rounds of the Leicester Tennis League, he has won his group 4 times! Playing people of different styles is key

I started playing tennis around 5 years ago playing with a friend regularly in a local park. I enjoyed it because it was outdoors, energetic and lots of fun and due to different tactics and styles, a wonderful mental and physical challenge.  

In order to play more people I joined a local tennis club near my home. But most members like to play doubles which was fine but singles was at the time more for me.

The tennis league was recommended to me by a friend who played in the league at the time. He has never beaten me in the league so probably regretted encouraging me to join!

Playing regularly in the league has most certainly improved my game. Coming up against different players with all sorts of playing styles definitely focuses your mind.

I would recommend joining the league. It's fun, competitive and a good way to make new friends a. It will also improve your game 100%!

The next round of the Leicester Tennis League begins on 21 November. To join, click here