26 April 2018

A tale of two halves... make that three!

League Results

From 6-4 up to 6-0 down, and back to win the decider 6-3, Zac Sargusingh's win against Henry Davidson this week can be counted amongst the crazier of  LTL matches this month! 

Zac was pretty relieved to come out with the win on his local tennis courts in Haringey! Over to you Zac.

'At the moment we're at a similar level and so it was likely to be a close match. Henry is by his own admission "a bit rusty".  I am, shall we say, the more "experienced" player however I am surprised to be in group 2!

We both have a similar style, with a preference for baseline forehand shots and whoever managed to go on the offensive tended to win the point, more so than had it been an unforced error. I would say both backhand defences were thoroughly tested in a furious wind!

In the second set Henry demonstrated his capabilities with a variety of winning shots and I didn't get a look in, although I was trying! In my defence, swirling wind did mean it was very difficult to position yourself for the shot and although I found this very frustrating, Henry seemed indifferent and took it in his stride.

I did feel lucky to have won after a 6-0 thrashing. Henry was 3-0 to the good in the third and I knew it would be difficult to turn it around but this coincided with an upturn in my form and surprisingly a slight dip in his.

I don't fancy a rematch as Henry can only improve, while I on the other hand . . .' 

Yep. You read that correctly... Henry won 9 games in a row before Zac came back to win! What a result.

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