7 June 2019

Tara gets the double

Tara Geddes

Tara has played in 12 of the 20 rounds in the Aberdeen Tennis League with her most recent appearance her best one yet. We find out how perseverance has helped her tennis improve and maade her British Tennis rating rise too 

It was while working for ConocoPhilips here in Aberdeen that I got into tennis and a friend persuaded me to go along and try the sessions being offered by the Sports and Social club there.

Years later, I heard of the local league from fellow players and fancied the chance to get more singles matches in as much of the tennis I'd played socially was doubles.

I enjoy both singles and doubles but obviously the singles play really tests your fitness as well as your tennis ability. I love that challenge, and also sometimes it's easier to have nobody else but yourself to blame if you can't get that ball back over the net!

This current round has been my best yet: it seems quite poignant that I topped my group and received notification from LTA this morning that my rating has risen too!

I played in the very first round in Aberdeen, and in total, I have played in 12 of the 20 rounds.  Playing in the league has definitely improved my tennis (my rating has gone up from 10.2 to 9.2) so I'm pretty chuffed that perseverance has paid off.

I'd definitely encourage others to join. We are particularly lucky to have 4 groups here in Aberdeen which demonstrates just what a fantastic pool of players there are to play with!

Looking to get back into tennis in Aberdeen too? The next round starts on the 20th June and is open for entries here