18 October 2019

TBCs and round extensions explained!

What happens at the end of the round if you still have a match to play? Why are some matches marked as "to be completed" and what happens if they are not? We help you win the race against time.

To be continued and unfinished matches

Typically, if you run out of time in a match, League rules allow you to continue it at a later date. But do note:

  • If a match is finished after the midway point (even if has been started before) it won't count toward bonus points
  • Unfinished matches are marked To be Completed (TBC) and a match retains this status even if you know it won't be completed
  • If you can't agree a date for the extension, the match can not be claimed as a walkover win, even if you can play but your opponent can't
  • If a firm date for the resumption of the match is agreed and one player cancels with less than 24 hours notice (or is a no show) a walkover may be given. Often these are noted in the match table as retirements in order to preserve the sets and games already played and the points awarded.

When arranging matches always agree how long you intend to play for. If you don't agree, and one player has to leave because they run out of time, that player may be deemed to have lost the match through a default!

Round extensions

Sometimes players ask us for round extensions, often because weather has forced them to cancel a match. But round extensions are very rarely given in Local Tennis Leagues.

Singles rounds last eight weeks and doubles rounds ten weeks. Rounds spanning Christmas and New Year typically have an extra two weeks automatically added. Scheduling matches is part of the Local Tennis League competitive landscape and scheduling skills are explicitly acknowledged in the bonus point scheme. While we realise a little luck, good or ill, can play its part, changing the dates is a little like moving the goal posts and very hard to implement in a way that is fair to all players.

Very occasionally, where the weather has prevented all play for everyone (a prolonged period of snow or a the complete closure of the primary venue), we may extend the round by a few days and this will be communicated to all players. This never happens until the mid point of the round has passed and (to be fair to the players who have earned their bonus points) the mid point date remains as originally set!

An exception just for you...

We will usually accept a result of a match played within a few days (up to the end of Sunday) of the deadline so long as the result does not affect who wins the group (unless it's a head-to-head between two players tied at the top of the table).

The onus is on you to check whether the match changes who wins the group, and do bear in mind, even if the match doesn't have a bearing on winner of the group when you play it, a late reported result of a match that was played before the deadline might end up invalidating your match!

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