19 September 2019

Tennis, a family affair

Philippa Cowie

Not only did Philippa win her group in the most recent round at Christchurch Park, Ipswich, she also won our Novak Djokovic signed HEAD racket! It's a double whammy her mum will be proud of

Playing with my mum at my local club in the small town of Kirriemuir, I got into tennis from an early age. I remember the blaze courts ruining many a pair of trainers and socks!

I really enjoy being active, competitive, and outdoors. A lot of my maternal family play, so we often have a game or two when we meet up. (I certainly know where I get my competitiveness from!)

I joined the league after my brother recommended it (he plays at Highbury Fields in north London). My mum is also a great supporter and advocate of my game and was very happy to hear I'd started playing more regularly.

My style of play is mostly hard topspin forehands, a mixture of spins off my backhand and a lot of running around to chase balls down!

The league has improved my game simply by getting me out there and playing competitive singles again (something I haven't done properly since 2012!). It's been great to play against such a variety of opponents in terms of their experience, style and shot selection. Each match has been a learning curve and a new experience.

It's also helped to work on my overall consistency, trying to get into the net more often and mixing up my gameplay during matches. It was a great achievement to win all my matches in round 32, but I think the next round will be a great challenge.

I would highly recommend the league as you can fit the games completely around your schedule, meet lovely people to play with locally and you only pay a small fee compared to some club memberships.

The next round of the Christchurch Park Tennis League in Ipswich starts on 26 September. To join click here