7 February 2019

Tennis Friends: The one where Rachel learned to compete again

Rachel Lock

Rachel fancied giving competitive tennis another go after years of occasional social play, so she joined the Waterlow Park league in mid-2018. Four rounds later, she's met some great people, played in challenging weather conditons and worked on her "Nadalesque" game

I used to play at school but then, apart from some social summer tennis with friends, I didn't play properly for years. I forgot a lot about the competitive side of the game during this time so have had to relearn how to compete. 

I fancied getting back into it so looked online for tennis clubs or social networks and then found Local Tennis Leagues. What was even better is that there is a league in Waterlow Park which is right where I live!

In singles, I like the fact that you get to run around a lot and that you get to know more about your opponent’s technique throughout the game. My style is “improver” right now but I'm working towards “Nadalesque!” :) 

All my games have been great fun and we’ve really had a laugh. This last round however has seen some challenging weather conditions from blazing morning sun right in the eye-line, to snow and freezing temperatures!

My tennis has definitely improved by competing in the league and it’s been great to get back into playing competitively rather than socially - such different games! I’ve also met some great people and built my confidence in turning up and playing tennis with a complete stranger!

I would definitely encourage others to join. It’s good for players at all levels - no one takes it too seriously but is still there to win, and it’s a great way of getting outdoors and exercising while meeting great people.

With spring on its way, it's a great time to get back on court in the Waterlow Park league. The next round starts on 14th February and is open for entries here