21 February 2020

Tennis is more fun with buddies! Save £5 by getting someone playing!

This offer is now closed, but do keep an eye on the site for more offers in the future

Over the years we have heard many great stories of how players have introduced others in to the sport. Giving a friend the gift of tennis is one of the nicest things you can do! As a thank you and to encourage more players to pick up their rackets we are offering you and the player you introduce a £5 discount on the next round!

We're delighted to offer you £5 off your next round and to give a discount of £5 to any new player you persuade to join the league.

To get your friend playing, simply email them this link:


We'll ask your friend to register on our site and confirm you as their nominee. Once they have registered, they will receive a special £5 discount code. Once this code has been applied to a round, we will send you, the nominee, a £5 thank you discount!

Six great reasons your friend should be playing!

  1. You will never be short of someone to play with
  2. It will make them healthier and happy
  3. They will know what you are on about when you keep talking about your matches
  4. You can both save a fiver!
  5. He or she could become your doubles partner, and as AA Milne almost said....
  6. .. tennis is no fun for one but two can stick together

* Offer applies to new players (new players may not have existing LTL accounts whether they have played or not) and existing players who introduce a new player. Existing players will receive a £5 discount on a new round when a new player confirms them as the provider of the introduction to the league and when the new player creates an LTL account and joins a round. Discounts for both players must be used before 5th May 2020. Discount codes cannot be extended. Should a player withdraw from a round before it starts, normal refund and transfer rules apply. Discounts may only be used once by the new player. Existing players may nominate multiple new players but all credit, including discounts which can't be used as there is not a further advertised future round to join, expire on 5th May 2020. Discount is only valid against round entry and is not valid against any other LTL product or service. Discount cannot be used alongside or in addition to any existing discount offer and cannot be used in conjunction with winners' coupons.