22 March 2018

Tennis; a physical and mental challenge

Marcos Fernandez

This week we spoke to Marcos Fernandez, whilst living a busy lifestyle and working as PA to the CEO of a Central London retail company, the 36 year old has found time to play more than 75 Local Tennis Leagues matches. 

"I started playing probably as young as 4 or 5 years old.  I played tennis before any other sports, my dad is Spanish and a huge tennis fan so it was always on TV in our house growing up. I had aspirations of winning Roland Garros from a young age!! Didn't quite get there...!

My favourite ever match has to be the Nadal v Federer Wimbledon final in 2008. I love both players.  Rafa prevailed after about 5 hours in 5 sets and it ended late in the night.  Stunning tennis throughout from two absolute legends of the game!! "

Inspired by the clay court season and the Rafa v Roger epic, Marcos joined the leagues 3 years ago;

"I saw an LTL flier advertised in Kennington Park maybe 3 years ago now whilst playing football. I started way down in Group 6 so I don't recall those earlier matches!

He might be too modest to admit, but Marcos has come a long way in those three years, prevailing in the vast majority of his earliest matches, he now holds his own in Kennington & Brockwell's top division.

"My first match was in Kennington, as were most others.  I always play in the Kennington & Brockwell Park leagues as they are local to me and I've gotten to know many of the players.

I enjoy my match ups with Tim in Group 1, we've probably played each other 7\8 times now over 2/3 years.  He is so very consistent in his approach, attitude and style whereas I'm a bit more erratic so it's always a bit of a roller coaster. I do have the shots to beat him but putting it together over 2/3 sets seems to elude me. Our last game was 2-6, 6-0, 2-6 another defeat for me! I've only beaten him once so far.

He might not yet have the beating of Tim, but it's the mental challenge that Marcos loves;

"I love playing tennis, it's a very skillful sport.  It's both a physical and mental challenge.  Games can be won and lost psychologically.  I'm not a very tactical player I just love to hit great shots and unexpected winners! I love being 'in the zone' visualising what I want to do and then executing it!!!"

And with over 75 matches and counting to his name, Marcos has become a pivotal part of the Kennington and Brockwell league

We'd like to say a huge thanks to Marcos for taking the time to talk with us. We left him with that ever important question..Would he recommend Local Tennis Leagues to a friend? (no pressure Marcos!)

"Yes and I have done.  It's social, flexible and there's always a court near you that you can use! You aren't restricted to a club venue and don't have to pay club fees."

Pheww! Pleased to hear it Marcos and thanks again!!

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