26 January 2021

Tennis Skills & Tennis Pals

Chloe Jefferson

Local Tennis Leagues has been beneficial for Chloe in improving her skills, making new friends and experiencing a competitive edge to a hobby she loves.


What got you started with LTL in the first place?

My main reason for entering LTL and experience from it has been to use it as a way to develop my skills on the court. I've improved my placement of the ball and hitting passing shots to win points.


What have the benefits of LTL been for you? 

Match experience and meeting new players has been enjoyable and I like the fact that I can set up regular matches when joining a round of the league and set a target of matches played before the mid-way point.


What has been an LTL highlight for you?

A highlight of taking part in LTL is meeting individuals with a real passion for the sport, some of which could end up being friends for life. Only time will tell.


Tell us a fun tennis fact about yourself.

I have seen Nadal play on Centre Court at Wimbledon, twice. I do hope it is not my last time doing so!


Would you recommend LTL?

I would recommend LTL to anyone who enjoys playing tennis for fun with a somewhat competitive edge. It is good for players that want to start competing as a hobby. It is also good that you can meet a variety of ages in this league with varied levels of experience. LTL will put you in the right group and you can then aim to move up to a higher group in the future.


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