22 July 2019

Three rackets and a blister

League Results
Joachim Ollram 77
Advait Kapadia56

A very close encounter in Regents Park..

"The score says it all, this was a very competitive match which lasted more than two hours. Adi played the majority of the match with his back-up racket after his strings broke during the first set. After the match, he had two holes in his shoes because “I made him run so much”. :-) At home I realized that I had a blister on my right foot. The match also included a bit of drama from my side as I had a 6:5, 40-0 lead on my serve in the second set and Adi broke me to 6:6. Luckily, I could win the tie-break. Well played and I am looking forward to the next one!" Joachim