19 June 2020

Top coaching tips to improve your game!

Welcome to our new Coaching Corner!

Approved by one of our LTA coaches, check out these top 5 recommendations to get you started!

  1. Timing is everything. A key thing to always remember is your timing and where you are making contact with the ball. Always aim for the middle of your racket as that is the sweet spot to generate a top shot
  2. Move, Move, Move! Are you giving yourself enough space between yourself and the ball before you take your shot? You want to strive to be behind it, so anticipate that when the ball is coming back your way
  3. Don't get tense. Relax when hitting the ball and breathe, don't try and force it
  4. Eyes on the prize. Keep those eyes sharp! Always keep them on the ball, try not to get distracted by anything else on court
  5. Ready for the next. Keep moving your feet and try not to fall for the trap of watching your shot and forgetting to move! Once it's gone, move across the court to where you think the opponent will hit and be ready to react where you can. It's simple, but tough to stay disciplined!

Are you a registered coach and keen to share your knowledge of the game?

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