4 May 2018

Top tips from two of our most successful women!

Over the course of the coming month, we've got 8 rounds of women's #LTL starting. It's been a long term commitment of ours to help get more women into tennis, and these women-only leagues are just the latest initiative. After all allowing men and women an equal chance to play was one of the main reasons our co-founder Sally Kinnes started the leagues in the first place. 

With nearly 200 leagues throughout the UK, every single one encouraging women to enter, we thought we'd find out the steps to LTL success from two of our top performing women.

We spoke with Sara Spearpoint and Tali Singer this week. Tali, who plays in 3 leagues throughout London, has thus far kept a 100% win record in her local Battersea Park Women's league and Sara (pictured), is one of our Waterlow Park League's top performing women having racked up almost 40 LTL matches to date. We thought we'd try to steal some of their top tips!

"I’d definitely say that committing to practice and play unless it’s absolutely pouring has helped! I’ve also tried to approach the league and each game as a way to improve and develop new local tennis pals for the future, it's not just about the winning," says Tali.

Sara agrees:

"I have no willposer for he gym but love sports and need the commitment of a match to make me do it - I'd never want to let someone down. I play netball and the tennis league and it's really just about enjoying getting out on to court and seeing how it goes. I'm definitely a bit competitive but not so much that I don’t get on my opponent and have some banter."

The riendly approach to their games seems to be working.

"Because my tennis was rusty at the start of the league having not played in years, I tried to use the games as a way to practise consistency, patience and fitness," says Tali who has a 100% winning record in the league. "Getting every shot in was more valuable than trying to smash winners all the time and risk missing - at this stage at least!"

And with more exciting matches around the corner for our two successful Local Leaguers, we can't wait to see how Tali and Sara get on.

"It’s hard sometimes to get games in but once you send that first email and start the ball rolling..., " says Sara. "The fact I keep coming back season after season must mean something is working in the local leagues. Personally I think I get a renewed sense of energy and it’s an easy, enjoyable way of getting a bit fitter. Everyone needs an escape from daily life and what better way than a game of tennis!"

Thanks for chatting both!

We hope our successful duo have inspired you to get out onto your local tennis court.

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