7 April 2020

Valuing tennis

Prem Jeyapaul

Prem first joined the Bournemouth & Christchurch Tennis League in Disremember 2016. He has not missed a round since! That's 15 rounds and 96 league matches played. Here's to his century!

"My dad got me into tennis when I was 8 or 9 years old. I used to watch him and then practised with him. Then I had some coaching and took it seriously up until I was 17. What I liked was the club play and my coach's belief in me. I developed my forehand semi-western topspin style which has been my strength ever since. These days you can't get me off the courts. I'd be there all day if I could!

My most memorable achievement is playing in my university team but I love the local league because it brings players of a similar standard together all through the year, and I've met some great players and friends over the years.

It's difficult but necessary with the lock-down. I tell myself it won't be forever and it reminds me of how much tennis is such a part of my life and when it's all over we will all value it more than ever!
I'd recommend the league to anyone interested in competitive tennis and the beautiful game."

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