26 June 2020

This week we learn that coaching is great, but competing is key to improving your game...

One of our coaches Jess Downs and also Participation Development Partner at the LTA, shares her 5 pearls of wisdom for you to take on match day!


1 - Keep things simple - Tennis can be so easily over complicated (it’s hard enough as it is!!). If you do the basics right and well, that can often be enough!


2 - When playing matches use the warm up not only to get yourself ready but also to have a look at your opponents game - what are their strengths and weaknesses?


3 - Practice playing points every time you play - even if it’s a social hit with a friend, always use the opportunity to practice some live match play as it’s very different to just drilling and hitting for hours on end.


4 - Play the game point by point - it’s very easy to get sucked in to thinking the game is won (or lost) when you don’t focus on the point in hand. Try and play the game one point at a time and give each one your full focus rather than thinking too far ahead (or dwelling on a previous one).


5 - Having coaching is great, but competing is key - tennis is the best sport in the world and getting out on the matchplay court to practice what you’ve been learning is the best way to challenge yourself and see what you need to work on or improve next.

Thanks Jess, some excellent tips there!


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