We just can't seem to get enough.. Chelmsford Square!

A new league is coming in Chelmsford Square!

Ok, so we might have nicked our title from Depeche Mode, but really, we just can't stop growing!

Our brand new league in Chelmsford Square is going to give even more people the chance to get playing tennis. Chelmsford Square in West London (Brent), will now have friendly, competitive tennis played throughout the year through our shiny, new league!

So how does the league work!?With the chance to play wherever and whenever you like, Chelmsford Square residents will get the chance to face each other in their own backyard. With prizes just for completing 3 matches by the midway point in the league, free British Tennis Membership and entry into next year's Wimbledon ballot all thrown in, when you become a local leaguer, tennis just becomes a bigger part of your life!

If you're a top local leaguer, you might just win your group, meaning extra prizes! So, there's more than just pride on the line.

We want to see all of the area's tennis stars out on court, no matter your level, you'll be matched with players of a similar standard, meaning close matches really are close by!

And by working with local authorities and local people, this is your chance to get involved in the UK's most popular tennis league!

Fancy it!? Get involved, visit the Chelmsford Square page here.

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