22 March 2019

What's it like to be coached at the Rafa Nadal Academy?

The Rafa Nadal values are always in evidence at his Academy in Mallorca, and never more so then when the coaches are in action. For 90 minutes last week, we got a taste of some of the best coaching in Europe

One of the highlights of the ITF weeks at the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar is the coaching session. Most of the week, you are playing matches in the tournament or friendlies with the other competitors, when you are not in the spa, eating, drinking or pottering down to the beautiful coast a few miles way. But once a week there is a coaching session, and it is not to be missed.

When we were there last week (see our write up here), there were 6 in our group, led by Sergio. “Hit everything very easily, and very relaxed,” he said. “No effort, no strange movements. Make it beautiful. Toni Nadal always said, imagine there is a mirror and you are trying to make it look as beautiful as possible.” 

Toni, he also revealed, did everything he could to stop Rafa’s characteristic lasso finish on the forehand, and although Rafa is trying to change it, it was, on the whole, a battle Toni lost. We however will not get away so lightly. If you are not following through at the beginning of the session, you will be by the end.

Over the course of 90 minutes, Sergio changed my forehand grip, emphasised core principles - “left foot forward always on the forehand, this is a rule”, and told us how to transfer our weight as you hit a forehand – “the best in the world at this is Roger Federer”. There was also a speed-guide to serving: imagine a clock face when you toss the ball and aim for 1.30 for a flat serve; 3pm for a slice and 6pm/noon or over your head for a kickserve. “Never behind you or you will hurt your back.” He was funny, attentive, treated everyone individually and left you longing for more. The good news is that it’s available!

Rafa Nadal Academy CoachingThe Academy run premiumweek-long and short break coaching trips, with two hours of coaching a day. By popular demand they have added an hour’s fitness training too, so you can experience something of what it is like to be pro. (The fitness is optional but is included in the price). Or book the kids (aged 8-18) in for a summer camp.

Prices are dynamic so vary from day to day, but you can get get 12% off the quoted price for any trip if you quote LTL12 when you book at: https://www.rafanadalacademy.com/en
All coaching breaks include full access to the state of the art Spa, gym and pool plus Academy fitness classes.
Email: sales@rafanadalacademy.com
Phone.:  (+34) 971 84 50 22