13 July 2018

When is a walkover not a walkover and your other questions answered!

When is a walkover not a walkover and what does it mean any way? We delve into the sometimes confusing and occasionally controversial world of the walkover. Here are your questions answered!

What is a walkover?

If a match has been firmly set up but cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, or cancelled because of a no show, or because a player is more than 30 minutes late with no explanation during that time, it may be claimed as a walkover win. That means the player who cancels the matches is the loser and his or her opponent the winner.

I won love and love, isn't that a walkover?

No! That's a whitewash - and not a term we use! A walkover is a match that doesn't take place at all!

What's the point of a walkover?

Walkovers are not about apportioning blame. Often there are very good reasons a match can't take place. Rather, the walkover rule is designed to help the smooth running of the league, to encourage respectful scheduling and provide a way forward when a match has been cancelled at short notice leaving little opportunity for the opponent to set up an other. 

How many points do I get for a walkover win?

A walkover win generates two points. But note, if you are playing in one of the short-format leagues where both players get a point for completing the match, you don't receive the extra point!

I won my match by a walkover. Do I get my bonus points?

Sorry, no. Matches have to be played and completed to qualify for bonus points. Practically, if we were to give bonus points for walkovers we might end up encouraging walkovers, and as we are all about getting matches played. That's the purpose of bonus points so awarding them for a non-played match would rather defeat the point!

My opponent can't play and has told me to enter it as a walkover. Is that OK?

Sorry, no. A match has to have been firmly set up etc etc - players are absolutely not allowed to concede matches in any other way.

My opponent never gets back to me. Shall I just enter that as a walkover?

No - please don't. We will help you chase down players and get matches set up and played, but for a walkover to occur the strict conditions of being a match firmly set up but cancelled at short notice (see above) must be observed.

I let my opponent know with 25 hours by WhatsApp that I couldn't make the match. NoW she's claiming a walkover because I didn't turn up. That's not fair is it? I can send you screen shots AND a signed affidavit 

Frustrating I can see, but hold off on the documentary evidence for now. If you are cancelling a firmly set up match, you have an obligation to make sure your message has been received and understood. Our team will do its best to make the fairest decision, but it is likely that the walkover will be upheld.

How do I claim a walkover?

Enter the "result" through the site in the normal way with a note in the private commentary field for us. The note should make it clear that the non-match meets the walkover conditions. If you don't make it clear, the result will be rejected while we wait for more information.

Who pays for the courts when a walkover occurs?

Often the player who has caused the walkover will want to pay for the court. However, the minimum requirement is that cost of the court should be shared (this simply reflects the fact that you were both responsible for the booking). If you decide to play the match at a subsequent date, we suggest that the original booking is paid for by the player who cancelled, and the subsequent court costs shared. 

I should have recorded a walkover, but we agreeD to play at a later date. Now my opponent can't play. Can I retrospectively claim the walkover?

This can be one of the most controversial areas. To be fair to all players who need to know where they stand in the group, we suggest players post walkovers they are entitled to even if they hope subsequently to play the match. Of course we would prefer the match to be played and we will usually swap the walkover for the results of the match played. (If a match recorded as a walkover is subsequently played, we reserve the right to decide whether or not to accept the result as a last minute rescheduling may be deemed to disadvantage other players in the group. If in any doubt, check with us.)

Similarly, we will not necessarily award walkovers retrospectively, so the onus is on you to let us know at the time.

I've enjoyed this chat. Where can I read even more about walkovers?

Yes, we have enjoyed it too but then we lead a quiet life. How about heading across to Rules and Regs!