12 November 2021

Your Courts - Meadows, Edinburgh

Local Tennis Leagues is all about bringing tennis closer to you. A key part of this is being able to play at your local park courts. To celebrate the investment the Government and the LTA are making into public tennis courts across Britain, we're sharing stories of our players who enjoy their local courts. The investement will see thousands of public park tennis courts in poor or unplayable condition brought back to life for the benefit of their local community.


Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Alan, I'm 62 and married with 4 children, now also a grandfather to twins. I'm a civil engineer based in Edinburgh but fortunate to have worked around the world during my career. I took up tennis when I was 50. I thought it would be a good way to stay fit and enjoy some sporting competition. I'm still playing regularly, at least twice a week.

Where is your local park court and what got you started playing there?

Edinburgh has great tennis facilities and the Meadows tennis centre is a large 12 court central facility. It offers coaching, club and informal play. I live in the city centre and so it is very accessible to reach by foot, bike or bus.

What do you enjoy about your local park courts?

The courts can be pretty windy but the location is great. The Meadows is a large open area and enjoyed by children, students from the University and the residents and visitors to the city. It always has a good vibe.

When interacting with others at your local park courts, what have you noticed are some of the benefits for players and the community?

The courts are easy to book and at less busy times are very accessible on a turn up and play basis. It is shared by all types of people: young and old; beginners through to good club standard.

Tell us about the impact Local Tennis Leagues has had at your local courts and in your own tennis experience.

Local Leagues made it easy to get competitive games with players of a similar standard. It gives a chance to meet new people, including many people from around the world who are studying or working in the city. It creates a nice network within the playing community.


Head down to your local park court and you'll find a League! Click here to find your nearest one.