20 October 2021

Your Courts - Potteries Parks

Local Tennis Leagues is all about bringing tennis closer to you. A key part of this is being able to play at your local park courts. To celebrate the investment the Government and the LTA are making into public tennis courts across Britain, we're sharing stories of our players who enjoy their local courts. The investement will see thousands of public park tennis courts in poor or unplayable condition brought back to life for the benefit of their local community.


Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Robert, I'm a 42 year old P.E. teacher who has always enjoyed tennis from my old school days; any opportunity to get on school courts, me and my friends were there. I am self taught and just played with friends for years as a teenager. I previously played in the doubles City and Surburban League in Stoke-on-Trent, had a long gap in tennis until LTL started up in my area in 2016 and now 56 matches later, I'm unbeaten thus far and still keen to play more! I'm also an avid Racketlon player, playing on the UK circuit combination - table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis, where tennis is one of my strongest areas.

Where is your local park court and what got you started playing there?

Bucknall Park is where my local courts are, there are 3 courts we can use. I started playing there when the Potteries Parks LTL started and it's also my main practice court with my family and local rival, Martin Walker.

What do you enjoy about your local park courts?

They're free, just around the corner and there's always availability!

When interacting with others at your local park courts, what have you noticed are some of the benefits for players and the community?

Accessing the courts is free and easy and it's always great to see all sorts of users; families, adults, children. It's a great sport for anyone to try and enjoy.

Tell us about the impact Local Tennis Leagues has had at your local courts and in your own tennis experience.

I probably play around 30-40% of my matches on these courts; tarmac, grippy but not too high of a bounce. I regularly try and get LTL posters put up around the courts to promote the League and in recent Rounds new players have become involved which is fabulous.


Head down to your local park court and you'll find a League! Click here to find your nearest one.