The players of Local Tennis Leagues are just like you! People who want to play friendly, competitive tennis, to get fit, meet new people and play at their local courts, at a time that suits their schedule. We love hearing about how LTL has impacted our players and we hope these snippits inspire you to join us too.


David Hughes

Wandsworth All Star Tennis League

"I am grateful to have found something so enjoyable to occupy some of my time. When playing I think of little else and that distraction is very welcome. I also cannot overstate quite how good it can be in terms of fitness and aiding my weight loss journey. 

I cannot overstate how proud I am to transition from someone who was overweight and shunned any kind of sport, to someone who now eagerly awaits the chance for the leagues to reopen so I can compete once more. And let’s be real, it is competition after all!"



Fiona Rose

Adur & Worthing Tennis League

"I played my first mixed league match and lost 6-4, 6-3 but despite the result, I found my confidence received a boost. The match was friendly and fun. My opponent was jovial and pleasant and he really put me at ease. I found myself raring to go at the next match. I would definitely encourage more women to compete. It’s not as scary as you’d think."




Chris Walker

Finsbury Park Tennis League

"On top of the obvious physical health benefits and enjoyment from playing the sport, playing tennis has also been very good for my mental health. For me, playing a league match is a great way to totally decompress, immerse myself in something else for a couple of hours and clear my mind, which is so important."



Esther Gillham

Pavilion Tennis League

"My top tip to feel better physically and mentally is to get out and play. It will make a huge difference, especially if you join a local league! Try doubles and singles if you can to really mix up your game. I have loved it and would recommend it to everyone!"




Steve McCann

Highbury Fields Tennis League

"Absolutely. I have met some fantastic people who I hit with outside of the official matches and it gives me something to really look forward to in the week. I am looking to improve and hopefully soon I will get my first win. If I do my best and enjoy it, I win either way. It is never too late to pick it up again or even for the first time and only good things will happen."