Wimbledon Park Doubles - Round 27 - £18.00 - inc. 20% VAT

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We will do our best to find you a partner to play with. We aim to create teams for friendly, competitive matchplay. Teams maybe made up of any combination of gender and while we strive for compatible pairings your individual playing ability and experience may vary.
If you are signing up with a coupon paid for by your partner continue on to complete your sign up.

Otherwise, we will need your help! As you are not able to supply the e-mail address of your partner we are not able to e-mail them the necessary join up information automatically. However, we will need to be in touch with them to let them know how to join and to ensure your team is created. Please e-mail us or use the "Contact us" form to provide contact details for your partner as soon as possible.

Accuracy is critical as we need this information to communicate with them about the round.
When you complete your purchase, you will receive a Doubles Round Token which your partner must use on checkout to join the round. Please note it is your responsibility to make sure your partner is aware that you have granted them a doubles token. For full details see here.
When you complete your purchase, since you provided your partner's email, they will receive a Doubles Round Token which they must use on checkout to join the round.

Please note, once a round has started no refunds or transfers to other rounds can be made. You may withdraw by contacting us at any time up until the day before the round starts. Your fee will be returned minus an admin charge of £2.50. After this time, no refunds or transfers are possible.

Players who join after the deadline but before the round start will be included in the new round at the discretion of the organisers. If we can't place you in a group this time, you will be automatically included in the subsequent round (normal refund rules will apply). 

When joining a round you agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the leagues. When you join the leagues we ask you for some of your personal data. You can read full details of this on our privacy statement. We will draw your attention to key points as you complete the join up process.