the LTA is introducing the ITF World Tennis NumbeR

The World Tennis Number a new rating system for all tennis players across the world. It will make it easier for everyone who plays tennis in Britain to organise and play against opponents of a similar standard.

Whether you’re playing at Wimbledon (we can dream), or just meeting a friend to play matches at your local court (much more likely), everyone’s welcome – and everyone will have their own Number.   


In short, WTN...

  • Is a world-wide rating system that ranges from 40 (recreational players) to 1 (pro players).  
  • Has separate ratings for Singles and Doubles players – a world first
  • Uses a sophisticated algorithm to calculate your rating and updates it every time you compete
  • Counts sets and matches played, which means the more you compete, the more accurate your Number will be
  • Has a personalised ‘Game zONe’ feature to help you identify opponents with a similar Number


WTN is free for everyone

If you’re an Advantage member in the Play, Play+ or Compete categories you’ll be able to get your own ITF World Tennis Number for free. If you're currently a Fan or Fan+ member but would like to get a World Tennis Number, then you can upgrade to one of the Play, Play+ or Compete categories for free.

Anyone who already has an LTA rating will automatically have a new ITF World Tennis Number generated for them so you do not need to do anything.

The new rating system will cover all adults and juniors born before 2012.

Having an ITF World Tennis Number will be required for acceptance into certain competitions (this’ll be made clear when you enter) and is a requirement to join Local Tennis Leagues. 


How will this affect my LTA Rating?

Your ITF World Tennis Number will have no connection to your current LTA rating – it will be a completely new rating calculated specifically for you using up to four years’ worth of match results.

Click here to view the FAQs about WTN.