To join a Round, Local Tennis Leagues players require an ITF World Tennis Number to participate. It's free and comes with many benefits, here's how...


Get a WTN and Link it your LTL account


Itf World Tennis Number

  • To get an ITF World Tennis Number, you need to sign up to LTA Advantage
  • As a Local Tennis Leagues player, you are automatically entitled to the Play+ tier of LTA Advantage (normally reserved for members of clubs and includes access to the Wimbledon Ballot)
  • Registration for LTA Advantage is via the main LTA website and is quick and easy to do


I already have an LTA number

If you already have an LTA Advantage account, you don't need to create another one. All you need to do is link your LTA Number (guide below) with your Local Tennis Leagues account if you haven't already done so.


i need to get an LTA Number

If you're new to LTA Advantage, follow this step-by-step guide and you'll be on court in no time. You only need to do this once!



To join LTA Advantage and get your LTA Number, click here.

  1. Click 'Join Now', fill in your details and verify your email address
  2. Login to LTA Advantage and click 'Let's Get Started'
  3. Fill in the questionnaire
  4. IMPORTANT: Select 'yes' for existing membership, type 'Local Tennis Leagues', select 'I subscribe to a venue'
  5. Click 'My Game' and then 'Activate your WTN' and follow the steps

You're now an Advantage Play+ Member with an ITF World Tennis Number! Now you need to link your accounts...



How to add your LTA Number to your Local Tennis Leagues account:

  1. Find your 9-digit LTA Number at the top of your Advantage Play+ welcome email
  2. Log into your Local Tennis Leagues account
  3. Click 'Edit Your Details'
  4. Click the 'LTA Number' tab
  5. Enter your 9-digit LTA Number and click 'Save'

Your ITF World Tennis Number will automatically sync with your Local Tennis Leagues account.