"​Just wanted to say the league is amazing, and the website is well run. The gift idea for completing 3 matches is brilliant. And even though this only my second time in the league, my opponents have been fabulous. I am looking forward to playing in many more rounds", 

John Moyna
Wimbledon Park Tennis League

"I enjoyed playing with all the players and I would like to thank them all for giving me the opportunity to meet and play with them. It was a great experience and I would like to do it again,"

Dominic Uccheddu
Belair and Dulwich Parks Tennis League

"Excellent fun! Met some lovely people and enjoyed each game!",

Will Lidstone
Clapham Common Tennis League

"As always, lots of fun. I really enjoy the league - I simply wouldn't be able to play nearly as much tennis without it. Your efforts in making it a reality are hugely appreciated. Here's to more group wins and a summer of tennis!", Jack Bayley

Jack Bayley
Kennington and Brockwell Parks Tennis League

​"Terrific fun- such great people"

Patrick Grossmann
Barnes & Sheen Tennis League

"Loved it. Brilliant that you are able to localise where others couldn't. I only learned to play in August (although I have 2 -3 lessons a week) and this league has really helped me perfect my strokes",

Simon Prokter
Docklands Tennis League