"​I had an amazing time playing in the league as usual. I find it exciting meeting new people and not knowing what I'm walking into - it gives me butterflies in my stomach the same as I used to get before stepping on stage in front of hundreds of people"

Robert Darling
Portsmouth Tennis League

"​It was great to play again.  First outing playing singles. Played about 10years ago in club league but that was doubles so nice to wind back the clock and hit a ball again,"

Robert Rhodes
Potteries Parks Tennis League

​"Terrific fun- such great people"

Patrick Grossmann
Barnes & Sheen Tennis League

"Excellent fun, really enjoyed it, met some nice people, am looking forward to the next round,"

Sunil Mehra
St Albans & Harpenden Tennis League

"I am moving back to my native country, so I can't join the next round, but Local Tennis Leagues is something unique for me that I like very much!"

Andrii Krasnyi
Elmbridge Tennis League

 "Really enjoyed the league. My group was really active, friendly and fun. Looking forward to the next round!! Thanks to you both for setting up a great system for getting like-minded and like skilled players together for competitive matches!" 

Rob Baker
Regents Park Tennis League