Frequently Asked Questions

You'll find everything you need to know about getting started in one of the leagues below. If you need any further help then get in contact with one on the team.

For more playing advice and notes on the rules and regulations take a look here.

Playing In The Leagues

I’m worried about my standard!

No need! The league is open to everyone. We divide players into groups of the same ability so you only play people of your standard.

How do you judge people’s level?

We have evolved a questionnaire, based on our experience of running tennis leagues since 2005. See the Questionnaire.

When and where are matches played?

It’s up to you! Matches are arranged between opponents at a mutually convenient time and place (most of the leagues are based on one or more ‘home’ set of courts).

How many matches will I have to play?

There should be at least 5 matches and a maximum of 7 matches to play, depending how many people join.

How do I know who I will be playing?

We send an email with all the information, including contact details for players in your group, shortly before each round starts.

What is a ‘round’?

Typically, each ‘round’ lasts 8 weeks. This is the timeframe to play your matches.

How many rounds are there?

We aim to run four rounds a year in each venue.

Does the entry fee cover the cost of the courts?

Sorry, no! It covers prizes, free balls at the midway point, customer service, and LTL administration costs. Some courts in some league locations are free!

Who books the courts?

Either you or your opponent. When arranging matches, decide between yourselves who will do this. You should share any cost between you.

How do I report scores?

Use the report your score forms on the current round pages or the links from your account page. Either way, we will acknowledge the score and post it to the website.

What happens when the round finishes?

Winners in each group are promoted in the next round and losers may be demoted. Other players may go up or down according to past performance and the overall number of players playing. Please note, as numbers always fluctate from round to round, the groups are not necessarily comparable between rounds and as players come and go, this is not a strict ladder.

What about doubles?

Doubles (usually mixed doubles) is offered according to demand. If you are interested, just let us know!

Can I play a match after the official end of a round?

We will usually accept a result of a match played within a few days (up to the end of Sunday) of the deadline so long as the result does not affect who wins the group (unless a head to head between two players tied at the top of the table). 

What if I don't hear back from other players?

We recommend:

  1. email people individually with your availability
  2. offer to book the court
  3. book a court and offer the time to one or all players (you can always cancel the court if no one can play)
  4. if you get no joy from emails, text or phone - it can work wonders
  5. if you have tried all the above, contact us and we will try to help.

Using The Website

How do I get a login for the website?

New players can complete the player questionnaire and will set up an account for the website as part of that process. Existing players (pre June 2015) will have an account created for them and be emailed login details.

I'm an existing player but haven't been sent my login details!

Try checking you spam for the email account your round start emails have previously been sent. If not, get in contact.

How do I join a league?

Find the league you want to join from the leagues page and then select the 'Join now' button. New players will need to register first and returning players will need to login.

How do I find results from previous rounds?

Each league has an archive section which can be found under the results tab.


How do I get the free tennis balls?

All players who complete three matches by the mid point of the round qualify for a free tennis gift, either racket vibration dampeners or a can of tennis balls. You will be emailed details!

Are there prizes?

Yes, as well as a free bonus prize if you complete three matches by the mid point of a round, the winner of the group receives prizes to the value of £20 (or in Highbury, north London where the leagues began, a bottle of Champagne which can be picked up from our office).

LTA Membership

What is LTA Membership and ratings?

Anyone who plays in one of our leagues is entitled to FREE LTA Membership.

Benefits of membership include getting an official rating which you can improve by playing and winning matches against other players with ratings, and eligibility for the Wimbledon Ballot.

There is more information on LTA Membership here.