Last updated 22/09/2020

Are the Leagues affected by Covid-19

Your safety is our primary concern and as such we will be following the official guidance from central Government on safety guidelines.

In the absence of any Government guidelines restricting tennis play, Local Tennis Leagues will continue as normal. For all the latest information and updates, please see the LTA website here.

Also in the absence of any Government restrictions, our normal T&C’s apply (click here to view our Rules & Regs).


What if Tennis has to stop

If tennis play is restricted at any point, we have listed below the steps we will follow regarding Rounds, entry fees, refunds, discount coupons and prizes etc. 

These scenarios are based on the assumption that if restrictions are put in place (as were in place in March 2020), we will pause / stop all Rounds immediately.



Please note;

  • Once tennis / Rounds resume, you will need to enter any forthcoming Round you wish to play in (in the normal fashion via the website using your Round Pass / discounts if applicable). We don’t auto enrol you into the next round.
  • All coupons will be valid for 6 months from the date of creation (subject to change dependant on Government guideline changes).
  • All refunds must be claimed within 30 days of being notified that your Round has been halted.
  • We won't be issuing refunds/coupons if you change your mind about a round due to Coronavirus i.e. before any official restrictions are put in place by Government.