Changing your e-mail preferences and cancelling your account

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Keeping in touch with you is an important part of running the leagues. We will often need to access your personal information (e-mail address, phone number, physical address etc) to do this. Mostly we communicate with you via the website or by e-mail. Some of the e-mails we send are directly from the website and are what we call "transactional" - they are triggered by something you have done and are designed to give you further assistance or a summary of the transaction. But we also send e-mails reminders of new rounds and products and keep in touch with The Round Up, our weekly newsletter.

When you register on the site and tell us which league you are interested in, or when you join a round, you will automatically be added to the relevant e-mail list so we can keep you up to date with round launches and other relevant news. If you are playing in a current round or are signed up to a future round, you will receive these e-mails by default. But we also give you the chance to opt in or out of other league e-mails.

To manage your preferences navigate to:

 ACCOUNT PAGE  >  Edit your details  >  E-mail Subscriptions 

If you require any help with these options please contact us.