Rafa Nadal Academy and Local Tennis Leagues Oct 2017

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An amazing trip to the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar - and Rafa was there!


Here is some of the feedback from the trip...

“This really exceeded my expectations. Fabulous tournament, venue amazing. People super friendly. So glad I came,” Liz

“A great opportunity to play in an ITF tournament which I would never have done otherwise (organisers Laura and Alex were both five stars.) Amazing facilities, great staff, really friendly, relaxed atmosphere but high quality of food and level of service. What was really cool was that Nadal was here and he was in the restaurant, in the lift, on the courts and amazing to be able to watch him practice with Carlos Moya – it felt like you were part of the magic! I learned a lot this week – not all technical aspects of tennis but how other players manage themselves during matches and playing in a strong group made me realise getting older is no excuse for slow movement around the court etc. The tennis clinic was a lot of fun. Everyone was on a high after it had finished. Amazing to be coached by these high performance coaches who could adapt to a variety of standards, motive and inspire without in anyway being patronising. LTL was, as always, excellent,” Kate

"I thoroughly enjoyed everything. Very impressed with your organising,” Sue

"The biggest surprise of the trip, apart fromthe obvious (Rafa) was how well the group gelled and made connections. It was extremely entertaining, supportive and memorable – stuff you cannot buy at the gift shop anywhere. Please take credit for this happening – you are superb hosts,” Ian 

“A wonderful experience. The staff were extremely helpful and friendly. Loved the outside pool. All facilities excellent,” Jane

“The Academy is an amazing complex, the facilities and accommodation are first class," Jay

We asked the Local Tennis League players who went on the trip for their feedback. Out of 5 stars, how would you rate:

The trip overall:
94% 4 or 5 stars
The Rafa Nadal Academy: 94% 4 or 5 stars
ITF tournament:
70% 4 or 5 stars
Support from LTL Team: 100% 4 or 5 stars

How likely are you to recommend this trip?
Highly or quite likely:

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