Are you a TEAM or a CHAMPIONSHIP player!

Did you know you now have an option when choosing your FREE can of bonus tennis balls?

All players who complete three matches by the mid-point of a round earn bonus points and a bonus prize - and for many of you that means a FREE can of tennis balls!

Thanks to our partnership with HEAD we now offer a choice of tennis ball. The HEAD Team ball is our standard four-ball can. "A durable easy-to-play ball", it is well suited to the challenging conditions of many park courts! But if you are looking for a little more "durability" from your tennis ball, we now offer you the chance to upgrade to the HEAD Championship 4-ball can.

The Championship ball has "extra thick wool felt" and offers "all-around top performance" for league matches.

When you earn your bonus points you have a choice:
1. Get a FREE can of Team balls
2. Get an upgrade. For just £5.49, you can upgrade your FREE can to Championship balls, and get an additional can of Championship balls!  

Full information is on the bonus prize claim form which you will be directed to when you earn your prize!

Don't forget, all bonus prizes must be claimed within 28 days!