Are you a winner?

Over the last month we've asked for your input. We wanted your best pictures and your help celebrating ou new partnership with Mizuno, makers of possibly the best tennis shoes in the world.

Up for grabs were two Babolat rackets and two pairs of Mizuno shoes as prizes.

The photos!

We asked you to send us your #tennistime pictures via social media to @Tennisleagues on Twitter, and @localtennisleagues on Facebook and Instagram. A huge thanks to those of you who got involved! There's a selection of our favourites above.

We handed the honour of choosing the winning picture to Arnhel De Serra, the renowned magazine and newspaer photpgrapher and the man behind many of the great Local Tennis League player imagery used in our marketing.

A big well done to runner-up Aidan: 10 year-old Aidan hails from a tennis-nuts family in Gloucestershire. We're pretty sure Aidan is a future pro #LTLer! He came so close to winning the competition, but in the end Boris' action shots below just had to take first prize!

"What I like about this is that Boris has really tried to tell a story with his images. It's a bit less conventional than your typical tennis image which I like and gives a nice, nostalgic intepretation of his tennis. It's just a nice sporty moment that shows real life and energy."

Congratulations to our winner, Boris, you'll need to get in touch with us, either drop us a DM on Twitter or message us on facebook to claim your prize Babolat racket!


The shoes!

It's not all rackets though! To celebrate our brand new tennis shoe partnership with Mizuno we're giving away one pair of women's and one pair of men's shoes!

With well over 100 entrants, the competition was pretty tough. We asked you to share the Mizuno/LTL message. We plucked two names from our virtual hat... a huge congrats to:

Our female winner: Nicole Harrison

Our male winner: Henry Madjinor

Drop us a DM on Twitter or message us on facebook to claim your  Mizuno shoes!

More competitions are just around the corner, so stayed tuned into the Roundup and to our social media pages.

Winners! Make sure you claim your prizes before Friday 18 May, otherwise we may need to reopen the competition!