Behind the scenes #1: The Round Report

The LTL team has grown quite a bit in the last few years, so we caught up with Tennis Administrator Mia Loney to find out all we could ever want to know about Round Reports!

The matches have been played and the round is complete… now for the easy part, sending out round reports and winners prizes?

'Not quite… this is actually quite a big task that requires more skill and judgement than you may realise.'

Why? What does it involve?

'Well, when a round ends we have to look at every group, check the standings are correct and write the group and league summary.'

I see. But couldn’t a computer decide the winner in this day and age?

'Can you tell me when your computer last went wrong? Yes thought so. We like to double check the system to make sure there are no irregularities and that the group winners are correct in close calls such as three way ties.'

What about the match and comments of the group? Does this include manual labour too?  

'Yes we go through each group and hand out the honours to matches and comments that catch our eye.'

Wow, that's a lot to look through. Tiring work?

'No. Every group and league is different and these always give us new stories to tell!'

So, how long does this all take?

'It depends on the number and size of the leagues ending each week. During the summer period, our busiest time of the year, we allow two or three days for all the reports to be finished.'

And the final step?

'This is the easy part, with the click of a button the round reports and winners coupons are sent out to your inbox.'

Hmm… Sounds like a fun job. So who are you?

'I’m Mia, one of the LTL team. But four of us share the tennis administrator role... It could be Nigel or Sally (who started the scheme) and have written literally hundreds of round reports over the years. Or Olly - a tennis coach and long-time LTL freelance who is currently travelling the world and compiling round reports as he goes.'

And do you play tennis yourself?

Oh yes… and I have played for my county. See you on court sometime!

Thanks for chatting Mia! Hopefully this small insight into one of the workings behind Local Tennis Leagues helps to give you a better understanding of just how much we care. With every single match reviewed and every round reported on, we think we get to know our players pretty well.