4 April 2018

The Glaswegian rivalry!

League Results

Last time out Stephen Reynolds and Craig Norton fought an epic 3 setter in their Glasgow Tennis League match. This week the pair discussed that match, and told us why being reunited in the same group this round means the rivalry will be taken up a gear!

Stephen, 50 and Craig, 38 might have a 12 year age gap, but the pair admit they're pretty much evenly matched on the tennis court, as the former explains.

'We're very evenly matched. I'm not sure what Craig’s LTA rating is but I reckon we’re both fairly even. On another day Craig would probably have won I think. We are a good match-up.

As Craig explains, the game last time had plenty of highs and lows;

'It was my first match of the year, my first match in group 1 and my first match against Stephen. I could tell from the warm up he was a player! It took me a while to get into it. I saved three match points in the second set to go on and win that set but unfortunately I reckon my efforts were concentrated there and the third felt quite easy for Stephen I am sure. 

And whilst Craig played down his attempts at a comeback, Stephen was sure he had lost the match at one stage;

'I felt the momentum had shifted to Craig after the end of the 2nd set (especially as I’d let a match point slip when serving at 5-4). Fortunately I managed to regroup and crucially keep more balls in play than Craig during the 3rd set. But it was pretty tight despite the 6-2 final set score.'

Both players have played for 30+ years, and are enjoying their rivalry, looking forward for more to come in the coming round. For Craig, improving agility on court has been his aim since last time out;

'I would like to think I have got a little fitter and more used to the better standard in group one. I am looking forward to hopefully a closer encounter.'  

We're excited to see the friendly rivalry prosper in the round, and thought we'd leave the final word with our Glaswegian duo;

'I'd definitely recommend the league!  It's got me back out on the court and enjoying tennis again, the levels get better as you progress through the groups and everyone is really nice.  The website is simple to use and works well.' 

'Me too!' says Stephen; 'Definitely! Not only for the fitness aspect but because of the enjoyment of meeting new people who share the same passion for the sport. And it’s a great way to make new friends.'

We'll keep you updated with how the pair get on in the round as it happens!

To make sure you're taking advantage of the league in Glasgow, visit the site here!