14 June 2019

Help us share a secret and HEAD's latest racket could be yours!

It's wrapped in black plastic, it hasn't even got its strings yet and its markings are disguised. When HEAD's latest racket landed in our office this week it caused quite a stir. But it's not for us. One of you will be selected to receive this special early-edition racket...

Wimbledon time is often when big tennis manafaturers choose to launch new and innovative products and our tennis-ball partner HEAD is no exception.

We are sworn to secrecy, but we know to which famous pro player their latest racket is destined. But before he or she starts playing with it, HEAD want you to give it a try in a Local Tennis Leagues match.

If you would like to be the lucky player, simply let us know on social media why you would like to test it and you will be entered into the draw. 

To be included, you must use the tag #NEWFORCENEWGAME with the platform-appropriate handles of both HEAD and Local Tennis League on any of these platforms:

Instagram: @HEADTENNIS_OFFICIAL @localtennisleagues

twitter: @HEAD_TENNIS @tennisleagues

Facebook: @HEADTENNIS @Localtennisleagues

To get things going, here's our tweet

The most orginal and/or fun reason to want to try HEAD'S new racket will receive the prototype. We might even let you - and just you - know whose racket it is.

Entries close on 20th June 2019 with full terms and conditions available here. The winner will then be notified