16 April 2021

The Internal Dialogue of a Tennis Player

James Daley

James' hilarious inner musings while on court are something we think every player can relate to.


I hadn't picked up a tennis racket for about 15 years before last summer but I remembered, just about, that it was a sport I used to really enjoy so I decided to join the Norwich Parks League. I have since met some really great people, played in some cracking matches and, I guess most importantly, it has helped with both physical and mental health in a year which has been difficult for most.

I have, however, noticed a few interesting traits when I play...

  1. Whenever I hit a dodgy shot, I tend to look at my racket with a puzzled face as if to kid myself into thinking it wasn't actually my terrible action that caused the ball to end up in the car park, rather, the equipment.
  2. Overthinking the warm up – I wonder if this has been enough time for them? I'm warm but are they?! Should I say anything? Oh god we've been warming up for 20 minutes, we'll never get the match finished!
  3. I get easily distracted by the match on the next court. Or a dog.
  4. Three games in and I've already finished two bottles of water. My opponent has barely broken a sweat.
  5. I ache the next day.
  6. Before I serve, I look at the balls like I think I'm Novak to see which is the best. Who am I kidding?! Whatever one I pick will still find the net/back fence/opponents face.

Despite the above, I enjoy every part of tennis and the League and hopefully will for many more years!


Similar things go through your mind when you're playing tennis? Join James and other fun players on court, in your Local League.